Generations still love old cars. Help get them in the picture!

So often conversation comes around to the topic of young folks and their apparent lack of interest in old cars. As a younger person myself, I think it’s more of a lack of exposure, and perhaps that is leading to a lack of commitment to make space in garage and budget for the care and enjoyment of such machines. When given the chance to interact with people of nearly any generation they have positive comments about our old machines. Even those who are more focused on finding ways to grow trees in the beds of old pick up trucks than using such a belching sooty machine generally appreciate a historic car or truck in well cared for condition. Some will rightly figure that it’s not too much concern for them because so long as they can enjoy the car as they want, it doesn’t matter a great deal if future generations continue the hobby. Others take a forward approach and want to maintain a hobby as something enjoyable for time eternal. Neither is wrong of course. But for those of us who do want to share the pleasure with future generations, and even with our peers that have been missing out, what can we do? Find folks with passion. I just happen to love old machines, so you can talk me into any affordable project that I have a chance to bring home. Others take a bit more convincing. So what are some ideas that you can put to action and share? One that really inspired this topic today is photography. Make friends with a photography teacher, or club. Folks are always looking for cars to be in photos. The great thing is, these folks often have the same rose colored glasses I do for rust. Invite them out to the farm for a photo shoot, or if your car is moving, bring it to their location of local interest and not only will the car be exposed to the photographer, but any subjects who might be along, and all their facebook friends as the car is posted! Do you have a car of class that would represent well in a period photograph? Are you willing to share your time with folks who want to enjoy your car as well? Let me know, and I’ll help get you in touch with some photographers who would love to spend an afternoon with your and your machine. Passion starts here.

-Doug Frantz
PA Dutch Region


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