Huntington WV AACA Eastern Spring Meet

When I said I would do some judging in West Virginia I mentally told myself it would be an easy two or three hour drive. I probably should know by now to look at a map. Huntington, West Virginia, is nestled in the tri-state area with Kentucky and Ohio. It provided me a lovely drive through the Appalachians and an enjoyable two three day trip. One thing I have really grown to appreciate on these ventures is the cars you just don’t see if you stay local. Many cars still travel under their own power to shows and even those trailered, distance is always a factor. With 180 some cars registered and a strong call for rain, we still had a great turn out! The rain even spared us and the day was very pleasant. Beautiful pre-war machines through some of the new to eligibility classics of just a few years ago all showed their periods well. I got to judge several nice cars myself, but my favorite was a 1957 Chevy four door sedan. I always love cars that don’t get saved often enough. It really was a beautiful representation of the model and when was the last time you saw a four door! I’m unlikely to be able to attend another national meet prior to Hershey though, so if any of you reading this have a chance, please take a few picture and take a moment to share you experience a little!

-Doug Frantz
PA Dutch Region Memeber


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