Our members are sweeter than you’d think!

On June 17th many of our members showed up for Father’s Day weekend for a great run! We had six antique vehicles in the mix and toured several miles while being greeted by friendly faces and smiles as locals were able to enjoy our rolling history. We couldn’t quite enjoy the day on an empty stomach so the caravan met at Hoss’s and enjoyed a lunch with great fellowship.

With fully bellies we drove to the Hershey Gardens and Butterfly Conservatory, started in 1937. While the humidity inside with the butterflies made Pennsylvania summers seem like a cool day, the environment created was lush and magical as so many small fluttering and colorful butterflies danced around our heads… not just around our heads, but on our heads as they realized we really were a sweet group! The gardens gets the butterflies from around the world as cocoons and they live out their lives with tropical plants and flowers to enjoy. Outside the butterfly conservatory we are greeted with the beautiful rose gardens. Each plot had a different variety of roses in every color imaginable, with hundreds to choose from. Beyond that was a kids section and the remainder of the gardens. With water features and themes from around the world it was a beautiful property to walk around. It seems like cars were not the only designs so well out in days gone by.

-Doug Frantz
PA Dutch Region Member/Webmaster


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